Live Consciously
Making Changes that Matter

9 steps

To reduce your carbon footprint

Buy only what you really need. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
If you only buy clothes when you really need to, and spend your money on better quality or second hand items, you can reduce your carbon pollution.
Eat local and seasonal. Reducing the amount of meat in your diet is a great step to take if you’re looking for something that makes a difference.
Your decision on where to keep, save and invest your money is more powerful than you might think. You can vote with your wallet for a greener future!
Walking or cycling will cut your carbon pollution, reduce air pollution in your neighborhood and probably make you healthier and happier, too.
If we are to avoid the worst of climate change, we need our governments and corporations to do their part. You can help by letting them know how you feel and pushing them to be part of the solution.
Explore growing your own food. You can minimise your home’s carbon pollution by composting.
Simple living is cleaner, greener living. Get inspired to pack your bags and move away from the polluting city life.
If you have kids, you are answerable to them. Children are our future and we need to protect the planet for them.

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