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Business case for Sustainability

Doing good is good for business

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Plan A is the first data-driven platform in the fight against climate change. We use data to predict where and why climate change will his the hardest and based on the insights we channel capital to environmental organisations and innovators that solve these issues.


Little Green Bags: True Business Sustainability

What is true business sustainability? And how can enterprises solve social problems by means of diligent business practices? These questions are dealt with by the eleventh film of the HSG’s “Little Green Bags” animation video series. The text was written by Thomas Dyllick, Professor of Sustainability Management at the University of St.Gallen.

Sustainability Illustrated

Sustainability in Business = 51% to 81% MORE PROFIT (CSR)

A business using best-practice sustainability approaches can increase its profit by 51% (for small or medium enterprise) to 81% (for a large manufacturing / distribution company). In this video I present the business case for sustainability and reliable evidence that quantifies the value of a company integrating sustainability into its DNA. This video is based on PhD research by Bob Willard.


Lubomila Jordanova - Founder & CEO of PlanA

In this interview, I am talking to Lubomila Jordanova from Plan A.

Plan A x StartupTV

How to Change Your Company and Do it Well

While we've all been in quarantine, we’ve been working on a new show with our partners, Plan A. We present to you the pilot episode of “How to Change Your Company and Do it Well”, a web series that informs leaders at any level of a company about how to address the carbon emissions that result from business as usual, featuring best practices from experts in the field and the companies who have tried it themselves.