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Clean Foods

Eat local and seasonal. Reducing the amount of meat in your diet is a great step to take.

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The diet that helps fight climate change

You don’t have to go vegan to fight climate change. Research shows that small changes to our diets can make big differences.

UN Environment Programme

Why do we need to change our food system?

In this short video we explore the reasons why we need to transform the way we eat and consume our food.


Should We Be Worried About GMOs?

At the current rate, we'll have to grow as much food in the next 30 years as we have in all of human history. And many experts argue that to do that, we’ll have to engineer the genes of our food. But the concern surrounding whether we should grow and eat genetically modified food has made the technology one of the most divisive topics of our generation.

Great Big Story

Protecting Endangered Vegetables

You’ve heard talk about protecting endangered animals, but what about endangered vegetables? It’s a crisis that’s come about with the worldwide rise of industrial farming—many indigenous veggies simply aren’t being grown in great quantities anymore.


Why beef is the worst food for the climate

Avoiding high-emission foods can have a bigger climate impact than any other consumption change.

The Economist

How could veganism change the world?

Interest in vegan food and its associated health benefits has been booming across the rich world. A global retreat from meat could have a far-reaching environmental impact.