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Conscious Capitalism

Paradigm shift in the way we perceive value

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Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein

Directed by Ian MacKenzie


What is economic value, and who creates it? | Mariana Mazzucato

Where does wealth come from, who creates it and what destroys it? In this deep dive into global economics, Mariana Mazzucato explains how we lost sight of what value means and why we need to rethink our current financial systems -- so capitalism can be steered toward a bold, innovative and sustainable future that works for all of us.



All countries are obliged to eradicate poverty, combat inequality and stop climate change through new goals for sustainable development.


What is a gift economy? - Alex Gendler

What if, this holiday season, instead of saying "thank you" to your aunt for her gift of a knitted sweater, the polite response expected from you was to show up at her house in a week with a better gift? Or to vote for her in the town election? Or let her adopt your firstborn child? Alex Gendler explains how all of these things might not sound so strange if you were involved in a gift economy.

The Guardian

Charles Eisenstein: 'In a gift economy the more you give, the richer you are'

Charles Eisenstein: 'In a gift economy the more you give, the richer you are'

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