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We must be answerable

If you have children, you already need to be a role model.

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How to plan a zero waste wedding

Start with a green wedding

Happen Films

How a Family of 5 Makes Almost No Waste!

To celebrate Plastic Free July we're bringing you the inspiring story of a zero waste/waste free family in Hobart, Australia. Lauren, Oberon, and their kids have found ways to produce almost no rubbish - they've only filled one small jar of waste in two years!

The Fairly Local Family

DITL: Zero Waste Vegan Family!

A Day In The Life of our zero waste/low waste vegan family! In this video I show you guys a few of the low waste things we try to do, to be both frugal and help our earth! We are definitely NOT PERFECT with being low waste or zero waste- but we do try our best!