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Patrons Of The Earth

Stories that inspire you to go green

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Aditi Veena

Aditi Veena (songwriter) explains why we need to take care of our planet right away.

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Priyanka Mandal

Priyanka Mandal talks about taking steps towards sustainability.

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Taron Carl Sapru

Taron Carl Sapru talks about how he became a cannabis activist.

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Vani Murthy

Vani Murthy talks about her transition into a composting queen!

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Mehul Manjeshwar

Mehul talks about finding his ikigai and his journey into the greenlane :)

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Lakshmi Poti

Lakshmi Poti talks about her journey into the field of sustainable fashion.

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Umeed Mistry

Umeed Mistry talks about the ocean and appreciating nature.

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Sarah Nicholas

Sarah talks about her love for all things natural.

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Tanaz Noble

Tanaz Noble talks about getting out and kayaking in the Andaman Islands!