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Preserve Our Islands

Stories from the Andaman Islands

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When you book a holiday, the earth shouldn’t pay the price. This responsible approach to tourism is what makes CGH Earth unique. We have discovered ourselves through nature and community. Learnt that less is more. That luxury lies in simplicity. And that reality is more enchanting than fantasy. It is true when they say, “God lies in the details, waiting to be discovered”. It is these details that collectively create the singular mosaic that is a CGH Earth Experience.

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adhith Swaminathan

Adith talks about his work with sea turtles

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Umeed Mistry

Umeed talks about the natural beauty in the Andaman Islands.

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Tanaz Noble

Tanaz talks about responsible tourism.

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Karishma Modi

Karishma talks about the importance of education for locals in the islands.

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Dickson talks about keeping the Andaman Islands eco-system clean.

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Meenakshi Poti

Meenakshi talks about development and social conflicts in the Andaman Islands.