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Sustainable Menstruation

Switching to a sustainable menstrual products is healthier for you and the planet.

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To Cup or Not To Menstrual Cup? - Scratching the Surface

After an eternity of disposable sanitary pads and tampons, the Menstrual Cup is finally getting its long-due attention! But basic FAQs ranging from ‘Where can I get it?’ to ‘How do I wear it?', are still unanswered for many women, making them skeptical about making the switch.

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How to select the right menstrual cup size?

Selecting the first cup can be a difficult task as we have so many options available these days. kindly do your research and invest in a good cup that will work for you. one size menstrual cup may not fit everybody. Select the right cup based on diameter, length, soft or hard cup.

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How to Measure Your Cervix

Knowing how high or low your cervix sits is an important part of choosing a menstrual cup. While it is just one piece of the puzzle, it plays a major role in comfort. And comfort is one of the best parts of switching to a cup!

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9 Great Menstrual Cup Fold Techniques

Need help with how to fold a menstrual cup? This video walks you through nine cup folding techniques, starting from the easiest and first you should try to more complex folds. We end it with 2 folds that are just not practical but ones you may see in other resources.

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Troubleshooting Menstrual Cup Leaks | Tips and Tricks

If we could wave a magic wand and cure all of the world's menstrual cup leaks we would. The next best thing we can do is offer our best tips for diagnosing and treating leaks

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Sustainable Menustration | Smita Kulkarni

A lady of substance and a symbol of empowerment, The co-founder of StoneSoup Smita kulkarni has been tirelessly working towards educating, informing and helping individuals to build a Swachh Bharat, one home at a time. She is a techie turned environmental activist turned entrepreneur.