Greenlane Score
Our score considers people, the planet and you.

Score Methodology

Very few companies measure their scope 1,2 & 3 carbon emissions. Net zero and all other claims mean very little till we have transparent system with real traceability & accountability.

We hand-pick top local brands in each lifestyle category.
Our scoring methodology is qualitative, based on experiencing the brand products first-hand.  
We understand how the brand is taking steps to become more sustainable. And then we score them.
We have carefully developed a framework where we rate brands for 2★ on these 5 criteria :

1: Raw materials
What are the product made of ?
- Who are the suppliers for raw materials and where do the raw materials come from ?
- Are the ingredients recycled or up-cycled ?
- Are the ingredients vegan or plant-based ?
- Are the ingredients organically grown (Non-GMO) and chemical free ?

2: True Cost of production

- Have they measured their carbon impact ? (Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions)
- How is energy conserved if at all ? Is renewable energy used ?
- Are they ethically made and Fair Trade certified?

3: Relationships
- Is there inclusiveness and diversity at all levels in the organisation ?
- Do the workers get fair wages ?
- Supplier workplace code of conduct ?
- How are they giving back to the community ?

4: Packaging
- Materials for primary packaging and secondary packaging (Plastic free) ?
- Is it reusable or recyclable?
- Is it compostable or biodegradable?
- Is there any reverse logistics model at play?

5: Slow love

- Governance principles of the organisation ?
- Are the product essential, functional, minimal and timeless ?
- Have they measured the carbon emissions during the life cycle of the product ?
- How durable is it compared to industry benchmarks ?
- Can it products be reused, recycled or up-cycled ?
- Long-term effect of the products on the planet ? (Biodegradable, Decomposable, Compostable)

Our Conscious Brands

We only feature brands with a minimum Greenlane Score of 7.5★

Moringa What
Green Score: 8.7★
Green Score: 7.8★
Bare Necessities
Green Score: 8.5★
Clan Earth
Green Score: 8.1★
India Hemp & Co
Green Score: 8.4★
Green Score: X
Green Score: X
Green Score: 8.3★
Green Score: X
No Nasties
Green Score: X
SOS Organics
Green Score: 8.4★
Wild Ideas
Green Score: X