Curating Content for a better tomorrow

Greenlane highlights easy steps to lower your carbon footprint.

It's an effort to switch to sustainable products & services in your day to day life, so we want to recommend simple alternatives which are better for you and the planet.

We don’t claim to be perfect, but we are constantly learning about sustainability and the idea is to share what we learn. We want to share how you can be making more mindful choices.

You always have a choice to make, and what you choose is who you become.

Our Mission:

To make sustainability relatable and accessible to everyone.

No matter where you work or live, we are all in the sustainability business; the future of people, our planet and the economy are inextricably linked.
India has 700 million people below the age of 35 and we want to make them active participants to save our planet.

What We Do?

We curate content & brands that inspire cleaner, greener living.

We highlight businesses that are building a carbon-neutral and sustainable economy. These initiatives prioritise people and the planet, over profits.
We understand the power of media today, and we want to use it to raise awareness around the climate crisis.  

Shop Less

And if you must shop, support local initiatives that are truly responsible.

Our Team

We are a community of like-minded people from diverse backgrounds who believe the climate crisis is real (duh) and that we must act now. Our shared understanding of the challenge being much more than just plastic has brought us together.

Our team of curators hand-pick videos, highly recommended for you.

Our Advisors


Prahlad Kakkar

Founder at Genisis Films, Lacadives

Adman. Madman. Responsible traveller.
Keen on driving real change towards sustainability.


Thomas Thekkethala

Co-founder of TOLIMA and JT Ventures

25 years of experience in leading global technology companies. Founder of Learn for Life Foundation.


Jose Dominic

Co-founder of CGH Earth

Conceptualised and setup sustainable leisure and wellness hospitality chains.


Aylin McNamara

Zoological Society of London

With a double masters in conservation leadership from Cambridge, Aylin has worked on sustainability projects across the globe.


Nimish Raut

Ex Redbull, Starsports

Currently head of League Operations at Riot Games (League of Legends)


Bharath Kumar Mohan

Founder of Sensara Technologies

With a PhD in computer science, Bharath has spent the last 15 years building information discovery products.

Meet Our Curators

We want to drive action towards saving our planet. We carefully hand-pick videos & initiatives to help you lower your carbon footprint.
Darshana Gajare
Karan Kumar
Shilka Abraham
Sarah Nicholas
Akhil Sivanandan
Coby Babani
Ekom Mamik
Lubomila Jordanova
Mehul M
Sriram Kuchimanchi
Zora Thind
Umeed Mistry
Taron Carl Sapru Bose
Jill Ferguson
Peter Fernandes
Lakshmi Poti
Abhishek Roychowdhury
Ankita Trivedi
Puja Mitra
Aditya Trivedi
Kiri Meili
Raffael Kably
Anchal Kaushal
Navarathna Raju